Bluetimes BT919 Quad Core RK3188 Android 4.2 TV Box Review

17 Apr 2014 07:33

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Lately, I’ve been fascinated with all the new smart tv box models that the various major manufacturers have been releasing. This is basically a TV set that can connect to the Internet allowing it to access various online services. This means that you will be able to update your social media network, watch online streaming videos, install apps, and even communicate with your friends by video calls.
While I really want to get a Smart TV its price range is still way out of my budget. Another reason why I haven’t bought one yet is that I still have a perfectly working TV set. There is however a way to enjoy the benefits of having of a Smart TV without spending a lot while still using my old TV set and that is by simply buying an Android TV box.
The beauty of the Android operating system is that it is flexible and can be used by various devices. It’s present in smartphones, smartwatches, and now in TV box devices. I‘ve been searching the Internet for a good TV box and one particular model caught my attention. This is the Bluetimes BT919 Quad Core RK3188 Android 4.2 android tv box. It’s a small device just bigger than a USB thumb drive that attaches to the HDMI port of a TV and brings more features to it.
I immediately ordered one unit. Inside the box you will get the unit itself, a USB cable, an HDMI extension cable, and a power adapter.
Technical Specifications
Operating System: Android 4.2
Processor: RockChip RK3188 Quad Core 1.6GHz
GPU: Mali 400M Quad-Core GPU
Memory: 2GB DDR3
Storage: 8GB NAND Flash
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (Dual external WiFi antenna), Broadcom AP6210 Bluetooth Adapter
Supports Miracast screen mirroring
Memory Card Type: micro SD(HC), up to 32GB
External HDD: Supports USB mobile HDD up to 2TB
Pre-installed XBMC&MX Player
Supports Adobe Flash 11.1
USB: USB 2.0 + Micro USB + Micro USB OTG
Supports 2.4GHz wireless keyboards and mouse/fly air mouse
Supports Bluetooth keyboard/mouse
Supports USB wired keyboards and mouse
Supports USB webcam/USB microphone
Video Output: HDMI
Audio Output: HDMI

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